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【pwn 34.0】Poseidon CTF 2020 - cards

keywords ROP to mprotect / re-allocated structure / UAF / environ to leak stack / libc2.32 1: イントロ 2. 問題概要 3. Vulns - heapbaseのleakまで 4: AAW/AAR 5: libcbase leak 6: StackAddr leak 7: ROP to mprotect 8: shellcode to open/read fla…

【pwn 33.0】Krazynote - Balsn CTF 2019 (kernel exploit)

keywords kernel exploit / unlocked_ioctl / race condition / userfaultfd / read insts to leak kernbase / walkthrough and overwrite PTE / prctl to leak current via com 0: 参考 1: イントロ 2: 準備 配布物 その他 3: 問題概要ととっかかりのBug 4:…

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