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【雑談 11.0】ÇTFどは

ÇTFどは ジャンルについて misc pwn web rev crypto 1: 実食編 2: 最後に 4: 参考 ÇTFどは ÇTF どは、 Current Translates into Future の略語で、「現在の事象は、全て未来へと変わっていく」という意味が込められています。競技としてのÇTFは、このオリジ…

You can cite code or comments in my blog as you like basically.
There are some exceptions.
1. When the code belongs to some other license. In that case, follow it.
2. You can't use them for evil purpose.
I don't take any responsibility for using my code or comment.
If you find my blog useful, I'll appreciate if you leave comments.

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